What is a Live Instagram Printer? So glad you asked! A Live Instagram Printer is hired for events and weddings to print Instagram photos taken by your guests. During your event guests take photos using their smart phones and post them to Instagram using a custom hashtag created for your event eg. #NickandSimone. Our Instagram Printers then immediately print the images once they are posted to Instagram. They make photobooths look so 1999.

But I’m a business, looking to build brand awareness…. Well you’ve come to the right place. In a nutshell, it’s all about watching your brand or the highlights from your big event being broadcast to the world via a custom hashtag that not only ENGAGES your customers but has them ENGAGE others for you. We also design custom artwork for you, so that when your Instagram photos print, your guests get their copy surrounded by your branding.

So tell me about Frankly Social Frankly Social is an Australian company that was founded in 2014, and now has 13 offices around Australia, and one each in Canada, the USA and UK. We are a growing company that is expanding in Australia and across the globe. Frankly Social was founded by a small but experienced team of event specialists and social media fanatics. Our stable of Instagram Printers include beautifully designed and hand crafted timber and aluminium printer cases that look more like art then than the technological marvels they are. Frankly Social is a dedicated group of entrepreneurs, social media fanatics and experienced event professionals. We love creating new products for the Australian and international events industries, and our latest product, the Frankly Social Live Instagram Printer is one to watch.


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